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I heart my desk!

I've just made a new piece of art for my 'office'. Its a piece of pasta art. Why pasta? Because my 'office' is in my kitchen at home. So food seemed appropriate.

I don't have a separate desk to work at, and I need to have my laptop set-up and ready so I've turned a little area of my kitchen worktop into my desk. As far as work goes, blogging is my creative outlet and although I don't earn an income from my blog because I blog as a hobby, I love it and I still need a desk to work at.

Here are the before and after photos of my 'desk':


Just a regular kitchen worksurface? 

Or the perfect desk for blogging! 
Where I can keep an eye on the kids!

I have a few of my own quirky features on my 'desk' like my little milk jug I use to keep my pens and pencils in and another piece of art I made using an old map.

So I finally have my own little space to work at. It might not be a proper desk, but it is my desk and I love it!

This is my entry into the British Gas Business Desks Landscape Competition with Love Chic Living and Heart Home.


  1. What a fantastic entry! I used to make owls with pasta shapes when I was little - must do it with the boys x


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