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Spy Pups - Prison Break Book Review

Author: Andrew Cope.
Review by Joshua, aged 8 (well very nearly 9)

I liked this book. The Spy Pup's names are Spud and Star. Mr Big is trapped in jail and he sends some biscuits to Lara for her birthday (Lara is Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal i.e. the Spy Dog).

What Lara doesn't know is that the biscuits are poisoned. Mr Big sends voicemail to her and it says the poison will take over in 72 hours and her pups need to get Mr Big out in that time.

Will they get him out in time?
Can they trust Mr Big?
Can they save Lara?

Read the book to find out!


  1. Nice one Josh. You make it sound very exciting!! I hope you enjoyed reading 'Prison Break'

    1. Josh says: Thanks Andy. I'm so excited that you liked my review. The book really was exciting and I loved it loads!


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