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Science at home - Agar plates

When we made Litmus Paper the other day, I also spotted something on The Kitchen Pantry Scientist that caught my attention. Home-made agar plates. The boys are always interested in anything 'yuck' or 'gross' so it looked right up their street!

It looked easy enough to do and I had all the ingredients at home so I thought let's just give it a go and see what happens.

So we made our agar plates following the instructions. And we waited and waited.

It took a few days before the mould that was visible to the naked eye started to grow but it was really rather exciting when it did!

Agar plate with growth from wiping the PC keyboard

This was from the sink in the bathroom! We knew it needed a clean so we took our sample before cleaning it.

This was from a lightswitch.

This was another really simple experiment to do which the kids really enjoyed!


  1. oooh what fun, we haven't tried growing anything yet, but it's on my ( long ) list.

    Science Sparks has a challenge every month you might enjoy trying?

    Emma x

    1. will keep an eye out. Our list of things to try is always quite long too but always great to get new ideas. xxx

  2. What a lovely bit of mould we'll have to give that a try too. Seth will think that's great. X

    1. I didn't think it would work so was quite impressed when it did! Have fun xxx


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