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A glittery rhyming treat of a book, you really will love it so take a look!

Miss T is just beginning to take an Interest in rhyming words. She loves watching rhyme rocket on cbeebies and often tells us that 'eye' rhymes with 'pie' and 'moon' rhymes with 'spoon' after watching it. She likes to make up little songs and will happily make up 'nonsense' words that rhyme.

So on our recent trip to Waterstones, it was The Rhyming Rabbit that caught her eye. We saw that it was by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks and having previously read 'What the ladybird heard' by this brilliant duo, we guessed that we would most probably enjoy it. 
'With glitter on every page!'
As an added bonus, each page features a little glitter somewhere and Miss T enjoyed feeling the pages to help her find the glittery parts. The book cover itself is lovely - Covered in a glittery blue with pretty lettering spelling out the title.
feeling the glitter on the pages
As the title gives makes clear, this book is about a rabbit who likes to make up rhymes. Sadly none of his friends or animals he meets seem to share his poetic passion. Then one night when rhyming rabbit is lost for words, someone comes to his aid. 

This is a fun book that we've all enjoyed reading. I particularly love the page with the maths loathing centipede - it reminds me of me! 

As most of Julia Donaldson's books are written in rhyme (perhaps all of them as I can't think of any that aren't), it was a brilliant idea to feature a character who also loves to rhyme.

Miss T was so inspired by the rhyming words, that as I tucked her into bed, she came up with her own: 'Mummy, poo rhymes with you'. Hmmm. Thanks Miss T!
Miss T has enjoyed reviewing books for PanMacmillan in the past, so wanted me to take photos of her reading this book so we decided to do this little write up about it even though no-one has asked us to - it's just because we love kids books so much.  

Siblings July 2015

Once again I've missed the deadine for the actual linky at Dear Beautiful, but was determined to get my siblings photo on this blog before July is over. It's been so tricky to get a photo of the three of them together this month as it has been an extraordinarily busy month - with end of Primary school for J, all the usual hospital appointments for Miss T, and generally lots of end of term stuff with drama shows for both J and D and the list could just go on and on.

So I've had to search back over the month to find the very few photos that I do have...The photo at the top of the post is just two of them but I really liked it so had to include it.

Then there was ice cream eating in the garden...

And a day out at the shopping centre.

And that was it. Will have to do better in August at getting pics of all three of them. No excuses now the summer holidays are here.
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A different journey through Primary school

Little boy, aged 4, dressed in red,
Hopes and dreams lay ahead.
First day at school full of confidence and joy,
Feeling so proud of our little boy.

They knocked your confidence, they shattered those dreams,
Smiles turned to frowns and tears and screams.

Scared, worried, lonely, afraid,
This so called 'education' - the price you paid.

A change of school, a chance to start anew,
Set in their ways, they didn't understand you.
Doctors tried to tell them what they were doing wrong,
But they stuck to their own hymn sheet, played the same old song.

Scared, worried, lonely, afraid,
At 5 years old, you weren't to blame.

Uniform ditched, we did it alone,
Homeschooling - and my how you shone.

How happy you were, how much you achieved,
Headlines in papers, made the doubters believe.

No longer afraid, no longer alone,
Over three years we unravelled the harm they had done.

One day you decided to give school another try,
We held our breath tentatively. Was the choice was right?

Now not so little, and now dressed in blue,
Finally a school that knew what to do.
A school with understanding and acceptance at its core,
A rare gem of a school, I wish there were more.

7 years on from when we began,
No-one could have predicted this happy end.
Your story could have been one ending with pain and sadness,
Instead you leave Primary school with a heart full of gladness.

You worked hard, you did it, we are so very proud of you,
And we are eternally grateful to your primary school.


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Book review: The Skeleton Cupboard, by Tanya Byron

Review by Richard Beesley.
When Tanya Byron (yes, the real Professor Tanya Byron, the well-known clinical psychologist you've seen on the TV) was 15 years old, her grandmother was brutally murdered by a heroin addict. That horrific experience led Byron to try to understand why someone could act in that way, and what it was that made them tick.

In this book, Byron fills six chapters with powerful stories based on her years of training - six placements, each six months long, each in different challenging environments. Whilst the patients themselves have been fictionalised to protect their identities, Byron is remarkably honest and open about how she felt and acted throughout. The stories are gripping, taut, fascinating. I certainly could not do what she does, nor coped as well as her with the harrowing tales she faced. But despite the struggles and difficulties, and frequent loss of confidence in her own abilities, she continued, she learned and she moved forwards, helping many patients in a kind, caring and compassionate way.

One thing this book strikes home is how small the gap is between 'sane' and 'mad'. A wrong choice, a lack of support, a difficult situation and we could be sitting on the opposite side of the psychologist's desk. Not everyone can be cured, not everyone wants to be. But despite working in the field for 25 years, Byron herself says "Nothing has changed. We don't like mental illness - we don't want it in ourselves because it frightens us... We expect people to be mentally ill in ways that we can accept."

This is a fascinating and hugely interesting book. The stories aren't always pretty, but the book has been brilliantly written. Highly recommended.

The Skeleton Cupboard, by Tanya Byron is published by Pan Macmillan and is available from their website.

Disclosure: Pan Macmillan sent me this book to keep for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own.

Kids in the Kitchen: Chocolate Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

After receiving some of the items he chose with his Silver Mushroom voucher, D was keen to put them to good use. I adore this cake cooling rack he chose so he decided to make some chocolate cupcakes so he could use his new cooling rack.

He picked a recipe from his 'The Great British Bake Off Great Book of Baking' and got started. I love seeing his independence in the kitchen nowadays. I hardly need to supervise him as his confidence has just grown and grown.

Often we find that chocolate cake tends to go dry when we make it but this was deliciously moist. I'm wondering whether it is because this recipe uses oil instead of butter/marg? and also includes a fair bit of milk too? We didn't have sunflower oil as the recipe required so used groundnut oil instead.

The cake mixture turns out really runny and I was dubious as to how well it would rise as it only needed one egg. But they turned out brilliantly. Albeit a little messy to scoop into the cake cases.

Instead of making the butter chocolate frosting in the book, we made a cream cheese chocolate frosting. I didn't keep a note of exact quantities but it was something like this:
a 250g pack of cream cheese
a few tablespoons of butter
a tsp of vanilla extract
several tablespoons of cocoa powder
even more tablespoons of icing sugar (probably several cups)

Mixed well using a hand mixer until combined and thickened up.

We could resist waiting until the cupcakes had totally cooled so ended up icing them and eating them quickly so the icing wasn't quite a firm as it could have been. Then finally finished with some sprinkles on top.

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Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch!

Following on from Lurpak's Freestyle Food promotion last month, this month they are offering a free lunch to help shake up people's existing food routines. They'll be serving a refreshingly exciting new range of top freestyle sandwiches and crostini style canap├ęs to hungry lunchers absolutely FREE of charge.
So if you are in London over the next week or so, do check it out. Here are the dates and venues...

Lurpak Foodtruck event dates and venues:

· 17 July 2015 at Chiswick Business Park
· 21 July 2015 at One New Change
· 22 July 2015 at Spitalfields Market
· 23 July 2015 at Potters Fields

Happy lunching!
All information regarding Lurpak Foodtruck dates and venues has been provided by Lurpak's representatives and is correct to the best of our knowledge at time of publishing. All images courtesy of Lurpak.